AssessPro Torso-Flex Trunk Lift Tester

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The first and only tester made for assessing the trunk lift!

Traditional assessment of trunk strength requires careful judgment and a ruler to measure the distance between the mat and a student's chin. But our only trunk tester makes accurate assessment quick, easy, and safer.

Reliable Testing

Raise your trunk lift testing to new standards of accuracy with this innovative tester. The paddle system measures students' precise lifts without you having to rely on guesswork and rulers to get the job done. Furthermore, the student doesn't have to hold their position while you get an accurate reading. The paddle stays in place after the student completes their lift so there's no need to rush the measurement. The paddle only moves 12", protecting students from overworking their backs. Patented.

Easy to Use

Simply slide the base stabilizer under a mat and have the student lie face-down. Calibrate the measurement slider by resting the tester paddle on the students head and bringing the slider to '0'. Then the student simply completes the lift and the measurement may be taken.