AssessPro Modified Pull-up Fitness System

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The most convenient and effective way to assess and improve upper-body strength!

Go from setup to pull-ups in no time at all with the pull-up test system that assembles effortlessly! Adjustable foam padding makes it comfortable and safe for all students to use.

Build Strength

Modified pull-ups help students build strength in their upper back and core. This system is a great base for users to practice general core strength training and body weight exercises and to perform the modified pull up test.

High-End Design

A strong, 1-3/4" metal frame will not shake or sway during use. Soft foam bar and back padding provides comfort, allowing students to focus on the exercise. A no-pinch spring collar makes it easy for users to adjust the unit their specific size.

Efficient Storage

A simple pin mechanism allows the unit to open and fold for secure use and efficient storage. Once folded, the system features 2 casters for easy transport from storage to the gym and back again.