Aluminum Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

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Indoor/outdoor tip-and-roll bleachers feature rubber foot pads for superior floor protection.

Roll these lightweight aluminum bleachers into place and tip them down for instant seating. When more space is needed in a gym, simply tip them back up and wheel them away again.

Highly Durable and Portable

Bleachers have an aluminum frame with 2" x 10" extruded aluminum seat planks and an anodized finish on the seats. They are designed to support 120 lb per linear foot.

These portable bleachers for school gyms are a great option for shared spaces. Simply roll them out when needed for use at basketball and volleyball games or during school assemblies. When the action wraps up, tip the bleachers back onto the 5" dia swivel casters and roll them back to storage.

Accommodating Design

Rolling bleachers are available in 2- and 3-row options in 4 lengths. More tiers mean more seating without expanding the length of bleachers, which is ideal for smaller gyms or confined spaces. Tiered seating also ensures everyone has a clear line of sight to the action!

Choose from single or double footboards to fit school needs. Single footboards keep the overall weight of the bleachers low, while still providing a place for onlookers to rest their feet. Double footboards have room to store bags, backpacks, and other items during the game. Assembly is required.

Bleacher Options

  • Single Footboards
    • 2 Rows. 23”H x 3’D.
      • 7’6”L, 120 lb, 10 Capacity
      • 9’L, 110 lb, 12 Capacity
      • 15’L, 170 lb, 20 Capacity
      • 21’L, 231 lb, 28 Capacity
    • 3 Rows. 30’H x 5’D.
      • 7’6”L, 170 lb, 15 Capacity
      • 9’L, 160 lb, 18 Capacity
      • 15’L, 265 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 21’L, 340 lb, 42 Capacity
  • Double Footboards
    • 2 Rows. 23”H x 3’D.
      • 7’6”L, 125 lb, 10 Capacity
      • 9’L, 125 lb, 12 Capacity
      • 15’L, 194 lb, 20 Capacity
      • 21’L, 263 lb, 28 Capacity
    • 3 Rows. 30’H x 5’D.
      • 7’6”L, 200 lb, 15 Capacity
      • 9’L, 190 lb, 18 Capacity
      • 15’L, 306 lb, 30 Capacity
      • 21’L, 403 lb, 42 Capacity