Alpha Shield Kettlebells

As low as $49.95

The superior construction of our Alpha kettlebells with a protective vinyl coating to shield your floors and equipment!

We took our Alpha Kettlebell and added a protective vinyl coating and a flat rubber base to reduce noise, and shield your floors, racks, and the bell itself from dings and scratches. Wide handle kettlebell is easy to grasp.

Non-Marring, Safe Design

Coated with a protective vinyl covering and capped on the bottom with a flat rubber shield, these kettlebells won’t mar your floor or cause damage when dropped. They’re also supremely resilient against wear and tear, ensuring both the equipment and your facilities will say safe and unharmed for years to come. These coated bells are non-intimidating, encouraging students to incorporate them into their routine bodyweight exercises.

Premium molding and precision shape eliminate soreness in the hands, enabling better control that means better results and fewer drops due to hand fatigue or pinching.

Easy Organization

Color-coding provides easy recognition of weights from a distance. Students can select their preferred kettlebell, knowing exactly which weight they have. Weight is printed on bells in kilograms and pounds. Colors also help instructors organize equipment and activities.

Sets include a rack for convenient storage and UltraFit Kettlebell Training Charts to aid in lesson planning. UltraFit Stationary Rack is 45"L x 30"W x 39"H, 138 lb. UltraFit Mobile Rack is 52"L x 30-1/2"W x 33"H, 136 lb.

Alpha Shield Kettlebell Options

  • Mobile Set. Includes 16 kettlebells (2 ea 4, 16 kg; 3 ea 6, 12 kg; 4 ea 8 kg; 1 ea 20, 24 kg), mobile rack, and training charts.
  • Stationary Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 4 kg; 3 ea 6, 8 kg; 4 ea 12, 16 kg; 1 ea 20, 24 kg), stationary rack, and training charts.