All-Turf Golf Driving Mat

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The thickest base we offer, with a premium simulated-grass surface for a realistic feel.

Tee up the perfect drive indoors or out with this superior golf mat. Superb thickness protects your indoor floors while providing excellent traction that ensures stability for every swing. The generous size of the mat allows it to be used in any orientation, depending on the number of hitters.

Protects Your Floors

As our thickest driving mat, this measures ¾" thick, making it perfect for indoor practice on gym floors. Even if clubs accidentily skip off of the mat, they won't harm the underlying floor! The thickness also makes it more comfortable to get your footing and align your shot.

Non-Slip Grip

Outfitted with a gripped bottom that minimizes slipping or moving, students can step up onto the mat without fear. The underside will grip to virtually any surface, from gym flooring to asphalt and beyond.

Generous Size

Due to it's expansive size, this chipping mat can be used straight-on or sideways, depending on the number of golfers. Keep it straight-on for clubs with a more forceful approach (such as a driver) and turn it sideways for irons and wedges for best effect when it comes to practicing your swings.

Two tees allow both a left- and right-handed golfer to hit at the same time without interference! Mat is 30"L x 15"W.