All-Terrain Equipment Wagons

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The perfect outdoor playground storage solution for hauling equipment to the field or playground.

Navigate any terrain and haul all of your equipment quickly and securely to and from storage! These equipment wagons will handle even the heaviest loads, in the roughest conditions without failing. Easy maneuverability and accommodating functionality offer amazing playground equipment storage, making them optimal for institutional use.

Made of powder-coated steel, these steel wagons stand up to dents, dings, and rough terrain. Steel mesh sides and decking are supportive of contents for added stability over rocky terrain. Rubber pneumatic wheels provide a supremely durable foundation for the entire wagon. It’s easy for anyone to tow these wagons thanks to the folding metal handle and padded grip.

With 400 lb and 1000 lb weight capacities, these carts are perfect for any playground equipment storage needs. Haul everything from activity balls to cones safely and securely within a 3 ft or 5 ft cubic capacity (based on cart size). Best of all, foldable sides make loading and unloading a breeze—the sides drop down to avoid the struggle of having to lift equipment up and out of the cart.

Wagons are available in 2 sizes. Wagon color may vary.

  • 400 lb Capacity
    • 34”L x 18”W x 18”H, 42 lb
    • 10" dia tires
    • 3 cubic feet capacity
  • 1000 lb Capacity
    • 53”L x 26”W x 24”H, 59 lb
    • 13" dia tires
    • 5 cubic feet capacity