Aerobic Barbell Club Pack

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Cardio weight set includes enough equipment for 20 students and convenient mobile storage at a great value!

As your students master exercise with an aerobics bar, this set of barbells is a natural next step in helping to build strength, endurance, and muscle before moving to weightlifting bars. Included weights are versatile and durable for a range of exercise options. Everything is organized on a rolling rack that makes transport safe and easy.

Ideal for Aerobic Movements

Lighter weight barbells and plates allow users to get a full-body aerobic workout and increase heart rate. The cement-filled, vinyl covered plates are extremely durable for institutional use. Load dual-purpose plates onto barbells or use them by themselves for ab and single-arm exercises. The 1" dia, 3 lb bars are easy to grip for students, allowing them to gain confidence as they focus on form instead of struggling to lift heavy loads.

Everything you Need

Including enough equipment for total class participation, this is an ideal equipment pack for teaching the fundamentals of resistance training. There are enough bars and plates for up to 20 students to work out simultaneously. To top it off, we included a durable rolling cart to store and transport everything with ease. This ensures equipment stays organized and undamaged for the next use.

Pack includes 20 steel bars (48"L, 3lb), 40 barbell collars, 120 weights (40 ea 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb) and a heavy-duty mobile steel rack (41 1/2"L x 28"W x 32"H).