Adapted Physical Education National Standards

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The only comprehensive guide to develop a deeper understanding of adapted physical education national standards.

Adapted PE books give instructors an easy way to learn the nuances of adapted PE standards, as well as more about the needs of students with different cognitive needs. This book offers a comprehensive look into the national standards of adapted PE, while stimulating instructors in a way that allows them to ready themselves for APENS testing.

Develop Adapted PE Plans

For physical educators of students with disabilities, understanding Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) is essential. This teaching resource delivers information, examples, and methods that turn generalized institutional PE classes into more refined, adapted lessons.

This essential adapted PE books is revised and expanded to help teachers prepare for certification. The most current edition includes several new and enhanced features, including:

  • A format designed for ease of study, so teachers can prepare with confidence to become certified.
  • An overview of 15 core standards, helping teachers understand and apply standards when teaching students with disabilities.
  • Benchmark indicators for each standard, showing teachers what they should be able to do in the field.
  • Frequently asked questions that offer real-world insight into many of the challenges and possible solutions in running an adapted PE program.

Essential for APENS

This text is the only complete guide to the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS). Every adapted physical educator must be aware of, understand, and execute these standards in order to pass the APENS exam and become a Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE). This text provides a comprehensive overview of critical concepts to provide aspiring educators with critical knowledge for the APENS exam.

Adapted Physical Education National Standards is 264 pages. Available in paperback.