Active Academics Scramble Spelling Set

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Spelling and movement games blend together for cross-curricular fun!

In these exciting games to enhance learning, 98 Scramble tiles are placed letter-side down. Teams race to collect tiles, then use them to create words during this fast-paced spelling game. Teams earn points for each word they create or alter.

Race and Spell to Victory

This game lets students play and have fun while enhancing their spelling skills and engaging in communication and teamwork. To play, randomly scatter the letter tiles along one end of the gym. Divide the class into 4 equal teams and have them stand at the other end of the gym.

During a relay race, have the first student on each team run to the tile area and retrieve one tile each. They race back to their teams, tag the next student in line, and then sit down around a designated puzzle-building area. The first team seated after completing the relay begins by trying to create as many words as possible on the floor using the letter tiles collected during a relay. Teams then rotate letters to the next team. All words from the other teams will build off of Team 1's beginning words. If Team 1 is unable to create a word, then Team 2 begins. Continue the puzzle building in rounds until all possible letter combinations from all 4 teams have been exhausted and no more words can be created. Each word created is worth 1 point and the team with the most points wins. After completing the first round, continue the activity as described above.

Durable Equipment

The 4-1/2" sq tiles are made of durable plastic for long-lasting use. They have a letter on one side and a logo on the other side. A storage box makes transportation and storage easy.

Set includes 98 plastic letter tiles, lined storage box, and activity instructions.