Active Academics Cross-Curricular Parachute Activity Set

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Spell words and play math games all while strengthening students' upper bodies with games that require teamwork!

Give your class all the fun of parachute games for kids while adding in some extra language and math practice. The 16 panels include the entire alphabet and 32 numbers, allowing you to get the entire class involved in the math and spelling fun during parachute games for schools.

Engaging Learning Opportunities

Students work together to solve puzzles and challenges using this parachute. Students evenly space themselves around the parachute. The teacher calls out a number or letter. When their number or letter is called, students must perform an exercise (running around the parachute or crawling underneath it). This continues until each student has had a turn. Other game options continue to build off of the team aspect and letter/number recognition.

User-Friendly Equipment

Durable polyester parachute measures 30' dia, with a 1/2" dia rope sewn into the end for enhanced grip. The edge is triple-stitched, dual layered and reinforced for extra strength and stability, allowing the parachute to be used in games and activities for years to come. Numbers and letters are printed on the panels.