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Active Academics Alpha-Spot Activity Set

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Unit:  Set of 64

Add spelling and sequencing challenges to your movement activities and games.

Want another way to get students active while improving their spelling in physical education? Try out the Alpha-Spot Activity Set for fun ways to teach spelling! These versatile markers are made of a high-quality polyvinyl with bright, highly visible letters, so your students can run across the gym floor to pick up spots to spell out words.

Active Spelling Games

These common core spelling games encourage teams to spell the most words within a predetermined amount of time. Divide the class into 2 equal teams and scatter the spots around the playing area with the letter side facing up. Designate a gathering area and writer for each team and a place a piece of paper and writing utensil in the area.

When the music starts, students skip around the playing area between the spots. When the music stops, each student moves to an Alpha-Spot. After all students find a spot, they pick up their spots and bring them to their team area. For the next 5 minutes, students use their letter to spell as many words as possible. After 5 minutes, students turn the paper with their words to the teacher. The teacher decides the winner of the round. Then scatter the spots and continue playing for a predetermined number of rounds.

The game promotes spelling and exercise, so students learn and have fun while staying active. This gets the entire class involved in a simple, easy-to-set up activity!

Strong, Safe Design

This set includes 64 Alpha-Spot markers and activity instructions with game ideas. The spots are made of tear-resistant polyvinyl material, so they last for years to come. They grip to a gym floor to prevent potential slips and falls.