ACTION! TeemToss Set

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It takes teamwork and accurate tosses to land large inflatable balls atop oversized tees!

Each team starts with 6 tees and 6 balls in its designated color. Players holding the tees are assigned to 4' x 4' squares scattered throughout the play area. They cannot leave their designated square to catch a ball. As the throwing and catching game begins, the rest of the players toss balls toward one of their team's tees, attempting to land the ball on it. The ball must land on the tee without the holder touching it with their hands. Once it is on the tee, the player holding it remains in the square until the game ends. The first team to collect all 6 of its balls on their tees wins. Teachers can incorporate the tees into other team building games for students to put a different spin on activities or add a fun challenge.

Handheld, plastic tees have a 13" dia top to catch the ball, while the 17"L handle helps players control the 1 lb tee. Lightweight, 18" dia inflatable balls feature an extra-thick vinyl cover for maximum durability and superb air retention. Set includes 12 tees (6 ea red, blue), 12 inflatable balls (6 ea red, blue), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.