ACTION! StompShot Set

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Take aim, stomp, and launch PE class into non-stop action and fun!

Begin by placing 3 ball launchers along the back line of each team's designated play area. Players determine the best locations to scatter their 10 targets to give their team an advantage when launching balls. They load two balls into each launcher and stomp on the bulb to shoot the balls toward their targets. Players race to collect toppled targets and strategically reposition those still standing to get a better shot. The first team to knock over all its targets, or the team that knocks over the most targets in three rounds, wins! Change up the target game and have players attempt to knock over their opponents' targets instead.

Soft vinyl launchers (12"L x 10"W x 8"H; 2 lb) are designed for double the fun and launch two 3" dia balls at once. This improves accuracy and players' chances of hitting the targets, while also increasing the action. Lightweight, high-density foam targets are easy to topple and relocate as needed. Complete Set includes 6 launchers (3 ea red, blue), 24 vinyl balls (12 ea red, blue), 20 foam targets (14-1/4"H x 3-3/4" dia; 6.8 oz), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.