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ACTION! StickIt Set

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Race, collect, and stick balls to your pinnie while avoiding opponents trying to steal them off your back!

Fast-Paced Activity

It's a free-for-all as players race to collect the most balls in this action-packed kids' PE game! Scatter the Rainbow fleece balls throughout the play area. Players race to collect balls and stick them to the large hook-and-loop fastener X on the back of their pinnies. But don't turn your back to your opponent! Other players can race in and steal a ball off your pinnie and stick it to their own. The player who collects the most balls by the end of the game wins! You can also had a colorful and strategic element to the game by having players focus on gathering a complete Rainbow Set of balls and placing them on their back.

For a different spin on the game, players can focus on having the fewest balls on their back at the end of the game. Every player begins with a ball stuck to his/her back. Players will then remove one ball at a time and race to stick it on the back of an opponent. StickIt also works well as a warm-up game with a lot of action.

Set includes 36 balls (2.5" dia), 24 pinnies (12 ea red, blue), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.