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ACTION! Sling 'N Score Set

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Sling balls through the cutouts on the custom net to score during target aiming games!

Improve your accuracy with these unique tossing games for kids! The enormous 7’H x 20’W net is set up in the center of the play area and features various shape cutouts in different sizes. Players must “sling” their balls through the shapes to score points. Points are based on the shape—the smaller the shape, the bigger the score! 

Unique Games

During this game, players work together to be the first team to score 10 points. Hang the net between standards in the center of the playing area. Divide the class into 2 teams and give each team 3 balls. On the signal, teams throw the balls through the net holes to earn points. If they make it through, they earn points. If they miss, they must perform an exercise to keep playing. Points are based on the shape a ball goes through.

Another game involves throwing a Rainbow-colored ball through its corresponding color on the net. You can also add variation to the game by bouncing the balls, instead of throwing them, through the holes.

Encourage Shape and Color Recognition

The oversized Sling 'N Score Net has shapes cut out of it, including 2 triangles, 2 circles, and 2 squares. Each shape is outlined with a different Rainbow color. The net is made of a polyester mesh material that is weather resistant, meaning you can use it indoors or out for years to come at your school.

Set includes 1 net (20'W x 7'H), 6 balls (7" dia), a storage bag, and activity instructions.