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ACTION! Rainbow Block 'Em Set

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Six Rainbow-colored teams build and defend foam block walls from thrown balls!

More colors of blocks lead to more teams competing to build their walls the fastest! Players race to gather foam blocks and balls in their team's color from along the center line. Players with blocks rush back to their starting line to start building an 18-block wall, while those with balls take aim and throw from the center line toward other teams' walls to knock them down. Players can use their hands, arms, legs, or another ball to block balls to defend their walls. The first team to successfully build its wall wins! Vary the game and allow players to throw from anywhere in the court as long as they don't step into a 10' dia circle surrounding walls. You can also add a dodgeball element adding a rule that when a player is hit by a ball, he/she is out and heads to the sideline until a teammate catches a thrown ball.

Blocks (12"L x 6"W x 6"H) are made of dense foam that's easy to stack, while also being safe on floors and players. Set of Rainbow-colored blocks also sold separately to expand your set and create larger walls or get more players involved. 6.3" dia coated-foam balls are easy to grab and throw by players of any skill level.

Set includes 108 blocks (18 ea color; 48 lb total), 18 balls (6.3" dia; 3 of ea color), and activity instructions.