ACTION! Rainbow AllAround Goal Set

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Non-stop action and mayhem with 6 circular goals and over 60 balls all in play at once!

Frenzied games with multiple scoring options on a 360 degree goal keep the entire class involved! Game themes include attempting to score without being tagged, ducking and dodging balls thrown during the ultimate goal elimination game, scoring points in target practice, and working together in a team relay.

High Action Activities

These games will get players up and moving throughout the entire class. In one game, the class splits into 2 equal teams, and each team is given 33 balls. At the signal, players take aim and try to throw balls into the goal or hit a player on the opposite team. Once 5 balls make it into a goal, dump out the balls and remove the basket. If a player is hiding by a goal when it is removed or is hit by a ball, that player is out for the round. Each round lasts 5 minutes or until all players on a team are eliminated.

Other games focus on getting balls into other teams' goals to decrease their score. You can also set the goals on the opposite side of the playing area and toss balls into them from a dedicated throwing line to work on aiming and depth perception.

Convenient, Multipurpose Equipment

Each set includes exclusive and unique equipment to play the games. Our convenient, portable AllAround Jr Goals are made of durable 1-3/4" ABS tubing and have a tough nylon net. The included VersaBag mesh storage bag helps you easily transport and store all of the equipment.

Set includes 6 goals, 60 Rainbow Itty Balls (low bounce; 2.5" dia), 6 Rainbow Squeeze Coated-Foam Balls (6.3" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.