ACTION! Qwick-Catch Set

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A new twist on baseball uses gloves with hook-and-loop fasteners and requires qwick thinking

Add some additional excitement to your baseball unit with this unique baseball-themed game! Two players are assigned to each of the field’s six zones and are ready for action. When a player hits a ball, the batter runs around the bases while his or her team tries to catch the ball and pass it within three seconds to each teammate in every zone. The unique tennis-style ball sticks to the hook-and-loop fasteners in each glove, creating a fast-paced throwing/catching pattern of gameplay.

Be "Qwick" to Win

Create a standard baseball diamond and divide the class into 2 teams. Divide the outfield into 6 zones, with 1 player from each team in each zone. All other players line up to bat. Players hit the ball, trying to get the ball to their teammates in the outfield. Once a player catches the ball, he/she passes it to all teammates in the other zones, while opponents try to intercept it. Batters continue to run the bases until teammates in all six zones catch the ball. Runners count their runs and add them toward their team total. If the ball gets intercepted, the batter stops running, scores no runs, and an opposing team batter goes up to bat.

Other games involve setting up mirroring fields for double the action or incorporating the gloves into a game of tag.

Outstanding Equipment

The unique Qwick-Catch gloves allow for easy catching for every student. These soft, flexible gloves are lined with hook-and-loop fasteners to ensure success during these fast-paced games.

Set includes 12 Qwik-Catch gloves, 6 balls, 1 UltraGrip Bat (24"L), 1 VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions.