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ACTION! MobileGoal Set

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Catch it if you can! The only game where the goal is always on the move!

Keep moving and take your best shot at a moving goal during this non-traditional sports activity! Each team has a goalie racing through the play area with the goal, moving it toward teammates for easier shots and away from opponents to keep them from scoring. Plan throws wisely, because players can only take three steps before they have to throw!

Stay on the Move

Divide the class into 2 teams and assign each a color. Offensive players rush to the center to get their team's ball, then advance it toward their goal by passing it to other players. Defensive players try to stop opponents from scoring by intercepting or blocking the ball. Players cannot take more than three steps while holding the ball. The round is over when all balls are in either goal. The team with the most points after five rounds wins.

You can vary the game by trying to score balls in only the opponent's goal or restrict the area where the goalies can run with the goal.

Unique Mobile Goal

This is our only game that includes a goal on wheels, so the target is constantly moving, making it both more challenging and more fun! The balls are safe for all ages and strong enough to hold up to institutional use.

Set includes a pair of goals (24" sq top, 20" sq bottom, 38"H), 24 coated foam balls (6.3" dia; 12 ea red, blue), and activity instructions.