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ACTION! HoopHustle Set

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<p>Put coordination, aiming accuracy, and teamwork to the test as players work together to land balls in moving hoops!</p>

Begin this high-action coordination game by dividing the play area in half and creating an end zone on each end. Divide players into two teams. Each team has three 30" dia hoops with attached nets, with 2 players holding each hoop in the end zone. The rest of the team stands in their half of the play area opposite their end zone. Players rush to collect balls in their color from the center line and throw them over the other team toward their hoops. Players holding the hoops can move to catch the balls, but remain in the end zone. Throwers can go into the end zone only to retrieve a ball. The first team to collect all its balls in the hoops wins! You can also stagger the hoops, with each assigned a different point value, and have players throw from a dedicated throwing line during an engaging relay.

Plastic hoops are lightweight and easy to hold. The nets attach to the hoops via hook-and-loop fastener sleeves. Set includes 6 hoops with nets (3 ea red, blue; 30" dia), 24 inflatable vinyl balls (12 ea red, blue; 6" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instruction with game variations.