ACTION! BoulderBoost Set

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Race and throw balls to knock the ball off the boulder and boost your score during this bullseye game!

Be strategic trying to knock a weighted ball off the boulder, while also dodging the guard trying to tag you! Players throw balls at the weighted bull's-eye ball on top of the boulder. One player serves as a guard and replaces the bull's-eye ball on the boulder when it gets knocked off. As players retrieve balls, they need to watch out for the guard who doubles as a tagger. When a player is tagged, he/she becomes the new guard. There are no teams, so everyone has the same goal of hitting the ball off the boulder while avoiding the guard. Players earn a point each time they knock the ball off the boulder.

The boulder is made of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic and includes a groove on the top of it to set the bullseye ball on during game play. All balls are 7" dia and made of vinyl. The sand-weighted bullseye ball increases the challenge when trying to knock it off the boulder.

Set includes 1 boulder (23"L x 20"W x 19"H; 6-1/2 lb), 18 vinyl balls (7" dia), 1 weighted bullseye ball (7" dia), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.