ACTION! Block 'Em Set

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Stack blocks to build your wall, while trying to knock theirs down!

In this action-packed indoor P.E. game, teams strategize who will build, defend, or attempt to knock over the other team's wall. The first team to complete a 6 x 6 block wall wins!

Building Teamwork

The games in this set teach students about the importance of working as a team. In the main activity, teams aim to be the first to build a 6 x 6 block wall. The class is divided into 2 teams, and at the signal, builders from each team race to grab a block in the team color from the center of the play area. At the same time, other teammates throw balls at the other team's wall, attempting to knock it over, while defenders protect their wall. The first team to complete its 6 x 6 block wall wins!

Other games included in the activity instructions involve protecting up to 3 walls from defenders as players build them. You can also introduce a dodgeball component!

Unique Components

Each set includes unique components made specifically for this game. Blocks are also available for purchase separately, so you can expand on your current set. Each block measures 12"L x 6"W x 6"H.

Set includes 72 dense foam blocks (36 ea red, blue), 12 foam balls, and activity instructions.