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ACTION! BarrierBattle Set

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Teams battle throwing balls at a mobile barrier to move it across their opponent's zone!

Target game has players taking aim at a mobile barrier as they throw 5" dia playground balls at it, trying to move it closer to the other team’s throwing line. Start by placing the barrier in the center of the play area. Teams begin at opposite ends, standing behind their designate throwing line. Players throw balls in their team's color at the barrier, trying to move it closer to the other team's line. Once all 4 wheels on the barrier cross the center line into the other team's side, players can scatter to get a better aim at the barrier. The first team to have 2 of the barrier's wheels cross the other team's throwing line, wins! Other barrier games involve taking the fewest throws to move the target across the play area, or have players positioned on both sides with some dedicated to throwing and others to collecting balls.

Barrier features a Magnus ABS frame that sits atop 4 wheels for smooth movement across gym floors. Tighten or loosen the wheels' bolts to adjust the resistance and make it easier or harder to move the barrier. The large, 35"W x 35"H striking area is made of heavy-duty nylon that’s ready to withstand hit after hit. Complete Set includes a barrier (45-1/2"L x 39-3/4"W x 42-3/4"H; 20 lb), 20 playground balls (10 ea red, blue), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.