Acacia King Official Broomball

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The official ball for USA Broomball.

Featuring a hand-sewn 32-panel cover with a glossy outer shell, this ball is perfect for playing on the ice and indoor gym surfaces alike. Its versatility and quality of play make it the official choice for USA Broomball.

Professional Play

This professional-level ball features 32 hand-sewn panels with a glossy outer shell that provides protection for indoor and outdoor games alike. The shell is a high-quality latex material specifically designed to withstand extremely cold conditions and contact with ice. A special cold-resistant polyurethane-coated bladder provides outstanding air retention during gameplay. Its responsive touch creates a superior trajectory and flight during play in any setting, helping make this the highest-quality broomball on the market.

The ball measures 5.5" dia and weighs 9.7 oz.