Ab Coaster CS1500

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Heavy-duty institutional version of the popular home machine keeps abs constantly engaged!

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This plate-loaded ab training machine allows any user to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible!

Reverse for Success

Reversing the standard crunching motion, this machine works abdominal muscles by lifting your legs to your core. A typical crunch pattern works the abs from the top down, while the Ab Coaster keeps targets abs from the bottom up. It's the only machine we offer that requires this type of lower-ab isolation first.

Effortless Design

The patented design features stainless steel rails and frame for long-lasting durability and professional appearance. Ultra-glide nylon rollers allow the seat to travel smoothly on the curved track for more consistent reps. A plate-loaded system allows users to add weight as their fitness level progresses for a constant challenge.

Casters on the front of the unit allow for easy transportation to your desired location. Adjustable hand grips can be moved up or down to accommodate users of all heights. Soft urethane padding provides comfort to users' legs and forearms during use, and can be wiped down afterward to remain sanitary.

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