Mueller Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs

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Unit:  Case of 12

Soft gel packs made for use after use.

Use these packs for hot or cold compression therapy again and again. The flexible pack conforms to the body for ideal treatment. Keep the gel pack stored in a freezer or refrigerator and take it out when needed for cold therapy. Boil in water or microwave for heat therapy!

Extremely Versatile

These 6" x 9" packs provide cold therapy is perfect for strains, bruises, and sprains and hot therapy for ongoing aches and pains. Simply freeze the pack for cold therapy or boil then microwave it for soothing heated relief.

Outstanding Flexibility

The gel stays flexible even when frozen to easily conform to the treated area. This makes compression therapy more comfortable and effective.


Reusability and two modes of therapy make this a practical and long-lasting option for most in-game injuries. Additionally, it will prevents waste caused by single-use options. Case includes 12 bags.