4' x 6' Heavy-Duty Mats

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Rubber flooring is strong enough for heavy equipment and weight rooms.

These multipurpose mats stay put on floors without using adhesive. Choose from 2 thicknesses and use them for a variety of flooring needs.

Thick and Durable Construction

These heavy-duty, thick rubber mats are ideal when flooring protection, sound dampening, superior traction, and anti-fatigue qualities are necessary. These extra-thick, heavy-duty mats hold up for long periods of use in high-traffic areas like weight rooms and locker rooms, while also providing extra protection compared to standard 3/8” thick rubber floors.

The mats are available in 2 thicknesses. The 1/2" thick mats are commonly used for weightlifting applications, while the 3/4" thick mats absorb more shock and cancel out more weight. Mats are 6'L x 4'W, making them great for added protection at specific stations and machines in weight rooms.

High-Quality, Recycled Rubber

These mats are made of recycled rubber, including an industry-high 31% to 57% post-industrial recycled content for a certified green flooring option. They are blended and bound with a water-based polyurethane primer for a sustainable and long-lasting flooring option.

Thickness Options

  • 3/4”, 96 lb
  • 1/2", 72 lb