40-Player UltraCatch Scoop Pack

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Enough of our quality UltraCatch scoops for a class of 4!

Accommodate up to 40 players, or 2 teams of 20 split by red and blue scoops, with a large scoop game set. The concept of scoop games is simple: use the scoop to pick up the ball! From there, there are an infinite number of game varieties to keep students on their toes. Have a race to collect opponents' balls, race scooped balls back to a bucket for points, or have students scoop and run a relay without dropping their ball—the possibilities are endless! Use these durable scoops indoors or out.

UltraCatch Scoops are a standard, solid plastic scoop and ideal for all players. The thick plastic construction with reinforcing ribs throughout makes the scoops more resistant to stress , making them last for years.

40-Player Scoop Packs include 40 scoops (20 scoops in each color), 20 ResisDent Balls (4" dia), and 2 VersaBag mesh storage bags.