4-Way Accessory Net

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Unique net adds a new dimension to volleyball, cage ball, badminton, or any over-the-net games with 4 teams playing at once!

Net fits over your existing volleyball net to create quadrants for 4-way play. Just slip the center of it over the midpoint of your existing net and attach the ends to game standards.

New Game Varieties

Turn your two-sided court into a four-sided, fast-paced game perfect for mixing up your traditional volleyball and badminton games. You can double the number of teams and make a four-team volleyball game, with players serving across corners to any court they choose.

Easy to Use

The net easily slips over your existing full-size net. Just slip the center over the midpoint of your existing net and attach the ends to game standards, then you're ready to play. The net features 4" sq black polyester mesh and measures 32' x 36", making it the same length and width as an official volleyball net.

Built for Durability

A snap lock keeps the net in place, while strong plastic buckles hold up to tension and ball impact. The top and bottom of the net look just like a typical volleyball net, with the top connected using a cable and the bottom connected using a durable rope. Top cable is coated for safety and provides added durability.