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High-action throwing and catching game combines elements of lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee!

Using a specialized stick, players work together to throw and catch a an 9" dia ring as they move toward their scoring zone. When offensive players catch the ring, they cannot run with it. They can pivot to find the next available teammate and throw the ring toward them. Players on defense try to intercept it. If the ring hits the ground, the first player to race and place his/her stick on it gains possession. When a team advances the ring to its scoring zone, it earns a point.

Weighing just 1-1/2 lb, students can easily maneuver these sticks to throw and catch the ring. The aluminum shaft includes a lightweight plastic head and a rubber grip for improved handling. The plastic ring spins and floats in the air as players race to catch it on the stick.

Complete Set includes 12 sticks and 6 rings to accommodate a group of up to 12 players. Pair of Sticks with Ring is also sold separately to expand your existing set or to let players work on their stick handling skills with a friend.