York Stations

As low as $1,019.00

Customize your weight room with durable York benches and equipment for a uniform look.

A trusted name in fitness equipment, York benches offer superior return on investment to institutions seeking longevity and high functionality from their equipment. Powder-coated steel offers a traditional look and superior performance for years to come. Vinyl-coated padding is firm and durable for long-lasting use

Olympic Flat Bench with Plate Storage. Vinyl-covered, 11"W bench is padded with foam for easy cleaning and ultimate comfort. Non-skid spotting platform offers traction for peace of mind when lifting. A three-height rack accommodates most users and plate storage allows for an easy equipment organization. 60-1/4"L x 65-1/2"W x 59"H; 292 lb.

Cable Crossover. Adjustable cable column and swivel pulleys offer huge freedom of movement. Integrated chin-up bar allows for bodyweight work and stretching. Aircraft-quality cable offers ultimate durability. Two 200 lb weight stacks feature adjustable height pulleys for maximum versatility. 36”D x 136”W x 92”H; 1,010 lb.

Leg Press. Wide range of seat back adjustments and extra-wide footplate accommodate all users and allow for full range of motion. Heavy-duty linear bearings facilitate smooth, low friction movement. Used for leg presses, double and single, as well as calf presses, to strengthen quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and more. Offers a 1200lb capacity. 98"L x 55"W x 56"H; 690 lb.

Smith Machine. Linear bearings on 1" case-hardened shafts ensure smooth operation and consistent bar glide for a better, safer workout. Weight bar is permanent on the rack and locks into place when not in use. Walk-through design for easy access. Use for for squats, split squats, overhead presses, and more. 86-1/4”L x 40-1/4”W x 91-1/2”H; 740 lb.

VKR with Dip. Multi-functional accommodating for both knee raises and dips. Angled dip bar design fits a wide range of users. Diamond-plate, non-skid foot rests increase safety, while ergonomically-angled elbow pads provide maximum comfort. Heavy contour foam padding for extra support. 52"L x 30"W x 66"H; 224 lb.

Lat Pulldown Machine. Straight bar with angled ends ensures correct proper form during pulldown exercises. Adjustable, locking leg pad stabilizes student’s body while strengthening shoulders and upper back. Comes equipped with 4200 lb tensile strength, aircraft quality cable and a 250lb weight stack. 53”L x 47-1/2”W x 90”H; 487 lb.

Low Row Machine. Target back with smooth, rowing movements on a comfortable bench. Machine utilizes 4200 lb tensile strength aircraft-quality cable. Large diamond plate footplate ensures foot stability, with a cushioned, vinyl-covered bench for comfort. Features a 250lb weight stack and step-through design for easy access. 72"L x 30-1/4"W x 90"H; 540 lb.