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Warrior StrongHold Conditioning Rope Circuit Packs

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Engage up to 24 students in a rope-training circuit that builds strength and endurance!

Make rope conditioning exercises easy with the varying styles of rope and instruction boards included in this pack! Have your students move from station to station to learn a new exercise at each, while also helping them build muscle and endurance while they work with ropes.

Learn the Ropes

Conditioning ropes create a superior way for students to exercise their range of motion and build strength while they work out. Because all of the motions involved in rope conditioning exercises are simple to understand and low-impact, students will be able to focus on the activity instead of worrying about incorporating complicated movements and equipment!

In addition to 4 different ropes, included instruction boards act as cue cards for students. By looking at the board, students will be able to see the name of the exercise, a visual depiction of the motion, and a description of the steps. Your students will quickly master slams, waves, and sidewinders, along with numerous other conditioning rope exercises. This is the only rope pack on the market that offers a complete teaching solution, alongside the equipment and storage.


  • Contains all of the equipment you need to focus on a specific discipline of fitness.
  • Various sizes and weights accommodate multiple users in 1 class.
  • High quality equipment is designed to last through many classes and workouts, year after year in institutional settings.
  • Included training boards show and explain movements for each piece of equipment at the station. Teacher cards further explain the movements and show how to efficiently set up the class for best results.
  • Heavy-duty 18” x 18” station boards provide easy-to-follow instructions, so students can master the moves at each station. Stations are self-directed and students can get to work at their own pace.
  • This pack was designed around the demands of PE classes and all included equipment is safe for gym floors.

Pack Options

All Packs Include:

  • Warrior StrongHold Anchor Station, Set of 3
  • Gopher Ignition Interval Timer, 1 ea
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards, Set of 8
  • Ropes (30"L), Set of 12

Ropes are available in the following options:

  • Warrior Apprentice, 1" dia
  • Warrior, 1-1/2" dia
  • Warrior, 2" dia
  • Warrior Elite, 1-1/2" dia