VersaGrip Bowling Ball

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Universal grip makes holding this bowling ball a breeze!

We took the traditional finger hole pattern and made a unique, universal grip that allows students of any age or ability to use this rubber bowling ball. Top-quality, long-lasting rubber makes the ball safe to use indoors or out.

Specifically Designed for Beginners

A thumb hole and wide slot for fingers makes it easy to grab the ball and roll! A textured thumb hole provides a great grip, while extra texture and cushioning inside the finger slot produces even more grip and comfort. This design is especially ideal for beginners and younger students who need help establishing a firmer grip on the ball.

At 3 lb, the VersaGrip is one of our lighter balls and helps students learn quickly and properly while boosting their confidence. Its 8-1/2" dia is the same size as a standard ball, giving students the feel of a traditional ball.

Quality Design

Made of premium rubber, this ball is designed to last game after game. It is safe for use on all floor types and won't leaving behind scuffs or marks. You can even take your game outside the gym and play on grass or other flat surfaces!