UltraSoft Scooter Hockey Stick Set

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Be extra safe with our softest foam heads during scooter hockey play in PE class!

Featuring a soft foam construction and short handles, this set is designed to get younger students playing a fun variation of hockey in the gym!

Safe Yet Durable

Give your younger students the safest option in scooter floor hockey! The soft urethane foam sticks are friendly and non-intimidating for younger users. A durable outer skin is designed to withstand impact and preserves the foam from damage, even with routine use. The pucks and ball are made of foam as well, so if either leaves the floor and comes in contact with a student, injury is no worry.

Designed for Scooters

At 10"L, these are the perfect sticks to use while seated on a scooter. Students can control these sticks with just one hand and still use their feet to move about the play area. A rubber, textured top keeps the stick from slipping out of hands and helps with a more precise pass to teammates or shot on goal.

Set includes 12 sticks (6 yellow/6 blue for easy team organization), 3 foam pucks (white), and 1 foam ball (7" dia). Use the ball instead of the pucks to speed up the pace of the game.