UltraFit Stability Ball Training Charts

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Unit:  Set of 3

Laminated charts provide clear, concise instructions and full-color photos for a range of stability ball exercises.

Follow step-by-step instructions for a safer and more effective total-body workout.

Easy Instruction

Large 24"L x 18"W posters feature clear text and full-color pictures to guide students through foundational stability ball exercises. The images clearly indicate where to start and stop the motion, while directions explain each step.

Students can easily learn at their own pace, meaning teachers will have more time to dispense individual instruction rather than teaching fundamentals to the whole group. Students can see the large posters from anywhere in the gym, so they always have a reference for refining their technique.

Total-Body Routine

A set of 3 individual posters is categorized into Upper-Body, Lower-Body, and Abdominal and Back exercises. Each poster gives students 6 activities to choose from for a total of 18 exercises all together.

Laminated for Longevity

Laminated posters resist wrinkles and tears, allowing them to look great for years. Posters come rolled in a cardboard tube to prevent marring upon arrival.