Tumblex Block Game

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Choose large plastic blocks carefully or the tower will tumble!

Similar to a giant version of Jenga, this large plastic block game offers a range of activities to keep students excited! Large plastic blocks are durable yet lightweight and feature a wood grain texture. Rainbow colors add fun variations to game play options.

How to Play

During this life-size version of Jenga, players take turns removing 1 block from the 18-level stacked tower and setting it on the top. Game play continues until the tower tumbles, and the opposite player or team wins. Players can play head-to-head, individually in a large group, or in groups playing head-to-head.

Change things up while playing by assigning point values to each color block. You can also assign a fitness activity to blocks so that when a block is place the student needs to perform an activity.

Durable Block Design

Designed to withstand the entire tower collapsing, each block is made of lightweight, durable plastic. Blocks feature a textured wood grain pattern for additional grip, but not enough to impede game play. Plastic construction makes Tumblex safer than all-wood towers or those made with weighted materials. Blocks are 9"L x 3"W x 1-1/2"H and weigh 6 oz each. Completed tower is 36"H x 9" sq. Complete Set includes 54 blocks (9 of each Rainbow color), 1 VersaBag Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.