Teach-nique Baseball/Softball Banners

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Unit:  Set of 4

Hit a home run using large banners with key drills for baseball and softball.

These enormous 5'W x 3'H, full-color softball and baseball banners provide visual reinforcement that's visible from across the gym! Sharp, detailed photos display correct form and progression, while step-by-step expert instruction reinforces verbal cues. Heavy-duty vinyl banners feature hanging grommets in all 4 corners for easy setup/take down and switching between units.

Make Big Performance Improvements

These easy-to-hang banners give students highly-visible, step-by-step instruction to improve their baseball and softball skills. This set includes 4 banners that focus on 4 key skills including Fielding, Throwing, Batting, and Catching.

Along with sharp images, detailed instructions and “Do and Don't" tips make sure students have the best opportunity to properly complete each assessment safely. This detailed information allows students to have on-the-spot coaching.

Durable banners are made of heavy duty vinyl, making them resistant to ripping or fraying. Each banner includes metal grommets, allowing for easy display, take down, and set up in seconds.