Spalding Slide System

As low as $3,399.00

Smoothly and quickly slide your volleyball nets to the proper level for your next game!

The unique Slide mechanism on these lightweight aluminum uprights allows you to make net adjustments from 36” to 96” without letting off the net tension. The net height then on this Spalding volleyball system locks securely into place for multiple sports.

Versatile, Multiuse System

With 60” of height adjustment, it's easy to set up your net for games such as badminton, tennis, or volleyball at official heights. When playing these games with beginners, you can also adjust the height to meet their ability levels.

Easy Adjustments

To adjust, simply loosen the slide mechanism knob and move it up or down to raise or lower the net. The mechanism comes with 2 rubber texture grips, allowing for controlled, easy net adjustments. Clear height markings on the uprights help you pinpoint exactly where you need to set your net for your desired game play.

This net system also includes an adjustable height worm gear winch, designed to improve overall net tension during play. This is especially important in higher-level games that require greater quality of standards and nets.

Designed for Long-Term Use

Powder coating gives these uprights extra protection against chipping and corrosion. The high-strength uprights are made of 3” OD extruded aluminum, making them extremely durable. This design makes them able to provide the proper amount of tension for most major net sports.


  • 3" dia aluminum
  • Net height adjustable from 36" to 96"H
  • Worm gear winch
  • Specify color on padding

Court Options

  • One-Court System. Includes 2 standards, 1 with winch, standard post padding, 32’ x 36’ competition net, and antennas. Floor sleeves sold separately. 116 lb.
  • Two-Court Adapter Package. Additional winch-end standard pairs with One-Court System for two-court plan, includes economy post pad. Net and floor sleeve sold separately. 50 lb.