Sky Walkers Stilts

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These stilts for kids are adjustable, durable, and lightweight!

Adjustable aluminum stilts are lightweight and accommodating to students of all ages and skill levels. They adjust quickly from 4" to 18"H with just a click of a button.

Instantly Adjustable

These stilts have pin adjustments that allow them to be set at heights of 4", 6", 10", 14", or 18"H in seconds. This adjustability makes them a terrific option for several classes and skill levels. The push-button design also makes adjusting safe, without the need for tools.

Lightweight and Durable

Weighing less than 4 lb per pair, these stilts give kids the freedom to move around smoothly. These aluminum stilts will stand up to consistent use without bending or warping. Replaceable, non-marring tips protect gym floors safe from scuffs and scratches. Poles support up to 250 lb.

Stilts are available in pairs. Replacement tips are sold separately.