Shoot n Scoop Lacrosse Trainer

Unit:  Ea
Shoot for the net and scoop up two skills as the ball is returned to you!

Students develop two fundamental lacrosse skills—throwing and scooping—by practicing with just one piece of equipment. Simply throw the ball at the netting and wait for it to roll down the ramp and back to you for another shot. This auto-returning goal allows players to practice more in less time, engraining skills faster with repeated action. Any student can also practice these skills without a partner, improving the efficiency of your practices or P.E. classes. Beyond training, the Shoot n Scoop provides a more precise target for fun small-team games on play areas of any size! Durable PVC posts support large mesh netting. Fill base with water or sand to anchor target. Breaks down for easy and compact storage. 17"W x 17"D x 42"H; 15 lb.