Schutt 02 Maxx All Purpose Shoulder Pads

No Longer Available

Specialized vent holes in these shoulder pads provide maximum breathability for all position players!

Specially-engineered O2 windows and perforated EVA foam promote air circulation to keep players cool during big plays. This line is ideal for a variety of positions.

Impact-Absorbing Padding

Body cushion features specialized windows that allow excess heat to escape during game play. The arch features 7mm vent holes and O2 windows to maximize breathability. TPU cushioning absorbs impact on shoulders, while Energy Lock Technology locks up on impact and disperses the force of hits throughout the pads.

Durable, Lightweight Protection

Durable, raised corrugations in the arch ensure a reliable performance season after season. Its BIOTHANE and 3-point belt system are integrated to enhance the structure and security of the pads. Removable deltoid and scapular pads promote flexibility for players looking for an even lighter fit. A specialized, lightweight arch offers ample coverage.

Shoulder Pad Options

Choose from 4 sizes to outfit players.

  • Medium. Works best with shoulder width 17"-18"W.
  • Large. Works best with shoulder width 18"-19"W.
  • XL. Works best with shoulder width 19"-20"W.
  • XXL. Works best with shoulder width 20"-21"W.