RollOut Tape Layer

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The most convenient floor tape layer you can buy!

Easily roll out beautiful lines with this floor tape layer. Changing out different tape sizes and colors is quick and easy. Includes a convenient storage peg for additional rolls.

Amazing Engineering

Rolling out great-looking tape lines is extremely easy thanks to the outstanding design of this layer. Tape adheres perfectly to the floor with no bumps or pockets. Designed for single-person use, an extended grip handle allows for laying precise lines without bending over or asking other teachers for help.

Convenient Swapping

Easily swap out tapes of different sizes and colors thanks to the easy-load design and convenient tape storage peg. There's no need to remove bolts or pins. Instead, tape rolls simply insert into place on the dispenser wheel. The storage peg keeps additional rolls at the ready so you don't have to run back to the storage closet to get more tape. This layer handles tape in sizes 1/2" and 2" wide. Layer measures 30"L x 14"W x 35"H.