Robic SC-606W Stopwatch

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Dual split stopwatch with advanced countdown timer.

Multi-mode countdown, count up timer.

  • Single Event Time – Time from start to finish for any activity.
  • Split Time – Time from start to the next pause of time.
  • Lap Time – Interval or segment of time elapsed since the previous reading.
  • Dual Split Time – Simultaneous display of lap and split times.
  • Lap Counter – Records all of the readings taken.
  • Memory Recall – The ability to recall up to 50 previous recordings.
  • 24-Hour Timing Range – Maximum length of time available in watch's memory.
  • Countdown – Reverse timer feature that counts down to zero from a set time.

Other Functions

  • Time
  • Alarm
  • Lithium battery
  • Breakaway lanyard