Rawlings ROLBLX Full Hardness Practice Baseballs with Bucket

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Unit:  Bckt of 30

Bulk baseballs keep the entire team practicing at a high level!


  • Leather Cover
  • Cork/Rubber Core
  • Level 1 Hardness
  • Practice Ball

Durable Construction

With 30 balls at their disposal, your players will be able to jump right into warm-ups, partner drills, fielding practice, or batting practice. Full-grain leather cover and a composite cork/rubber core withstands every hit and catch, making these the best baseballs for batting practice! Raised-panel design provides a better grip and improves accuracy when throwing.

Economical and Simple Design

Cosmetic blemishes keep the cost per ball low on these training baseballs, yet will not hinder your team’s ability to throw, catch, field, or hit with supreme accuracy. The simplicity of storing and transporting balls in a bucket makes it easy for teams to quickly set up for practice, while the bucket itself converts into seat for use by coaches as they observe individual players.