RallyNet Competition Badminton Net

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Our strongest, most durable net is suitable for competitive play.

Designed to accommodate the highest levels of competition, this net offers superior durability and exceptional visibility. A coated steel cable can be adjusted for optimal tension and taped sides and bottom clearly outline the net for players and fans alike.


  • Coated-steel cable required in-floor stands
  • 1-1/2" reinforced vinyl headband
  • Taped sides and bottom
  • 15-ply nylon, ¾" mesh net
  • Standard size (21'W x 30"H)

Competition-Caliber Design

This net's reinforced vinyl headband and ¾" mesh net are ideal for tournament play. The coated steel cable accommodates quick adjustments to the torsion of the net itself, preventing sagging and allowing for tweaks on the fly without the need for toolss. Taped sides and bottom add longevity in the face of high-caliber, fast-paced play.

Great Visibility

Thanks much in part to the thicker headband, the top edge of this net is clearly defined, giving players a quick reference for trajectory as they plan their next big spike or lob over a soft serve. A white taped border paints a clear picture of the net's area, allowing for better shot placement on the fly. Spectators will also appreciate net visibility from in the stands.