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Rainbow UltraPlay RecessReady Ball Pack

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Ensure your school is ready for recess with a large assortment of sports-themed playground balls made from our most durable rubber!

Prepare for action-packed play with a convenient pack of durable rubber recess balls for a variety of sports. Balls are made of our toughest, non-intimidating UltraPlay RecessReady rubber. Long-lasting construction features 3 layers of upgraded rubber for superb durability and a soft, comfortable feel that won't sting hands on contact. A tacky texture makes gripping, throwing, and catching the balls easy. Bright Rainbow colors add excitement to activities and make creating teams simple.

Sports-themed rubber balls feature markings that replicate actual sports balls. Footballs include white throwing stripes and tacky rubber laces, while soccer balls and basketballs feature a traditional panel design. All balls come in two sizes, allowing students to quickly choose the size that's best for their abilities and skill levels. Pack also includes a mesh bag to conveniently transport and store balls between use.

Pack includes:

  • Rainbow UltraPlay RecessReady Footballs, Set of 12 (6 Ea Youth, Junior)
  • Rainbow UltraPlay RecessReady Soccer Balls, Set of 12 (6 Ea Size 4, 5)
  • Rainbow UltraPlay RecessReady Basketballs, Set of 12 (6 Ea Size 6, 7)
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bags (XXL), Blue, 1 Ea