Rainbow UltraCatch Scoops Set

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Unit:  Set of 6

These are the highest-quality scoops you can buy!

The most durable scoops on the market are resilient and ready to stand up to the fast-paced play that comes with institutional PE classes and younger students. Standard size makes these scoops applicable across all ages and skill levels. Rainbow colors makes activities fun and exciting.

Superior Quality

Solid, sturdy plastic scoops are ready for heavy use during institutional use. Whether students are tossing and catching with partners or racing around and scooping up balls, these scoops will stand up to the task. Even with impact on the floor, they will not bend, chip, or crack.

Reinforcing “ribs" reinforce the back of the scoop to prevent warping or bending, while also acting as a guide to help students scoop balls cleanly. This feature not only improves ball tracking and reaction, it's also ideal for teaching hand/eye coordination and accuracy.

Vibrant Rainbow colors help students keep track of their teammates. Teachers can also create color-coordinated teams and activities.