Rainbow Twirl 'n' Jump

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It's a one-handed jump rope activity for kids and a horizontal jump rope for one or more jumpers!

Get your students jumping in a fun, new way! These durable plastic batons with attached plastic balls put a new spin on your jump rope unit, teaching timing and coordination. A slight circular motion on the baton gets the rope and ball going around in circles on the ground and a quick jump over is all it takes to get involved.

New Activities

These batons offer a more advanced jumping challenge that will elevate your jumping unit. While traditional jumpropes spin in vertical arcs, the Twirl 'n' Jump rotates horizontally across the user's shins, making timing and coordination more difficult. Speed challenges and different jumping styles provide opportunities for activities of all types. Easily incorporate these batons into relay races and challenges.

Teach Skills

Coordination between spinning the baton and jumping puts emphasis on rhythm, pace, and agility. Have players stand side-by-side for cooperative play with a single baton to promote teamwork and communication.

Economical and Strong

The strong plastic construction of the baton, nylon rope, and plastic ball makes these ideal for use on any surface. The weight of the ball ensures continued trajectory even when it skips on the ground, without damage or interruption to the activity. This economical and fun teaching tool gets the whole glass jumping at a great value. Baton is 32"L; rope is 42"L.

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