Rainbow Tremor Intro Slam Balls

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A zero bounce, zero roll ball that students are supposed to slam!

Develop strength and coordination with this slam ball for beginners and introduce your students to traditional medicine balls. Their small size, unintimidating feel, and bright coloring make them fun and approachable, giving students the confidence to learn slam movements of all types.

Ideal for Beginners

Our only slam ball designed specifically for beginners offers a fun and effective workout that blends strength and cardio. Sand-filled slam balls are encased in a thick rubber cover for serious impact absorption. They will withstand repeated slams by multiple students in an institutional setting! Ultra-textured cover features unique molded channels that enhance grip for safety and control during fast-paced slams, throws, and catches. The 7" dia fits well in smaller hands, and paired with the lighter 6 lb weight, gives students confidence as they focus on proper form. Set of 6 includes laminated activity guide to walk students through 6 beginner slam ball movements.