Rainbow TopSpot Spots

As low as $23.95

Guaranteed not to tear.

Get a set of vinyl spots that is guaranteed to stay put and in good shape for long-lasting use inside and out. Plus, these rubber floor markers are perfect for locations where a cone can’t be used.

Tear-Resistant Construction

Made with 100% PVC vinyl, these spots are designed to never crack or become brittle, even if left outside. The material ensures these spots are virtually tear-resistant. Use them on most surfaces, including grass, pavement, and gym floors. A tacky texture ensures they will affix themselves firmly to gym floors, not moving when stepped on.

Safe Option

Each spot measures only ¼”H off the ground, which makes them a safer option than cones for activities like foot speed drills. All spots are phthalate-free, lead-free, and latex-free.

Customize for Your Class

Choose 5" dia or our most popular 9" dia spots. With numerous color options, teachers can easily organize students into groups to practice different skills.

Rainbow Vinyl Spots are available in Rainbow or Screamin’ Sets of 6 or in individual colors in Sets of 12.